Shareholding graph

The shareholding graph is a modifiable and dynamic representation of the company's capital links, including a detailed and global view of the stakeholders and the beneficial owners.

  • Ease of online shareholding entry for clients.
  • Strengthens understanding of the customer ecosystem.
  • Visualization and automatic detection of beneficial owners.
  • Dynamic display of stakeholders.
  • Management of third parties and related entities.
  • Automatic recalculation of direct and indirect holdings (%).
  • Simplified vision of complex shareholders.
  • Improves the development of mandatory capital links by the European Central Bank.
  • Simple and accessible use for any user.
  • Smart iconography and color codes to facilitate graph completion.

Use cases

  • Automated customer onboarding
  • Internal representation of an IS in the form of a graph
  • Representation of entities
  • Representation of funds by transparency
  • Fleet management

For who?

  • Architects
  • CIO
  • Data owners
  • Client onboarding managers